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This is an exploration of the value women bring to the world of work - from the variety of perspectives of a rich diversity of men who highlight some of the things that women uniquely bring to the workplace. They also highlight challenges that impede women’s ability to realise their full potential – both at individual and systemic levels.

•For women, it provides a reminder of how valuable they are with insights into how to better navigate the world of work.

•For men it provides insight into the value women bring to the workplace and how to better engage with, support and benefit from working with them.

•For those leading in the world of work, it provides insights into how policies, processes and systemic structures in organisations and wider society sometimes create barriers to the full realisation of the value of women at work, with recommendations on how to overcome the barriers.This all comes together to provide a framework to enable the full realisation of the value of women at work and a more balanced and productive work world for everyone.

Male Perspectives on The Value of Women at Work

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